Hi! i'm Alex


#Design manager

Strategy based skill matrix

Targeted talents management that meets company needs. Skills represented in Jira tasks to analyze [current expertise + labour volume] and form team’s growth tactics.

Product development funnel

Research driven and data aware decision making processes made in Jira from scratch.


#Product designer

150% income increase

Made by visual design A/B tests only. Results gained after year of work. Check following article for details.

Lean redesign in one step

Twelve B2B services global redesign pilot testing. Made with simple CSS and navigation layout override.

Best mentees


Maria Malinina

For several years had regular various consultations and coaching sessions on soft and hard skills from me.

Daniil Shestakov

For 1.5 year had been working and growing under my management.

Eduard Ticskiy

Finished 7 mounth course at Yandex.Prakikum where I used to mentored him and other students.

Simon Zlotnikov

Finished Advance Product Design course at HSE Art & Design School where I used to teach him and oter students.


In priority order

I’d love to hear from you. Any questions are welcomed: from career advices to consulting and opportunity offers.